Projects Under the Fiscal Sponsorship of Jewish Creativity International

American Guild of Judaic Art
Archiving 45 Years of Jewish Photography
Art of Avner Moriah
Asian Jewish Life
Ayin Press
Barbed Wire Fever
Bar Mitzvah Man Movie
Beit Toratah
Bet Art Midrash
Beyond Babi Yar
Beyond Noah’s Ark
Bible Raps
Black Box
Center Stage
Davening Initiative
Days of Freedom
Dirshuni: Israeli Women Writing Midrash
E. Lichtschein Presents
Eliana Light Projects
Etz Hasadeh
Exodus 1947
Godfather of Sarin
Golden Door
Hillel Smith Projects
Holesov Recording Project
Honeycake Magazine
Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
Idra Community
Ilysia Pierce Album Project
Israel: A Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth
It’s Who You Know
IZZY Commissioning Fund
JCast Network
Jewish Artists Initiative
Jewish Biographies for Young Readers
Jewish Film Project
Jewish Music Theater / Floating Tower
Jon Madof Music Projects
Jubilation Musical Society
Kol Isha
Kitchen Girl
Khanike Consort
Kol HaOt
Kulmus Records
Lion of Judah
Lodz Festival of Four Cultures/Marek Edelman Dialogue Center
Made with Love
Mem Project
Moving Torah
Music of Jonathan Leshnoff
New Media Productions
Niggun Society
Olive Tree
Out of Time
Polish Center for Holocaust Research
Reut Regev’s R*time
Sam Glaser
Samaritan Cookbook
San Diego Jewish Mens Choir
Savage World
School for Creative Judaism
Sinai and Sunna
Studio Nirtzah
Surviving Skokie
The Days Between
The Escape Act
Theodore Bikel Legacy Project
Torah Scroll Documentary
Vector Artist Initiative
Warsaw Jewish Film Festival
Wisdom Tree Media 
Women of the Book
Vedem Underground
Zalishchyky Jewish Heritage
Zog Nit Keyn Mol

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